Five Influencer Campaign Examples for Better Content Conversion and Awareness.

Influencer marketing would mean nothing without effective content to post. It is very important to have a purpose and a strategy behind planning as well as executing the ad campaigns for the brands. Choosing the right influencers for your brand and the exact kind of content that resonates with your value and the feed of an influencer would be a primary point to consider when finalizing the campaigns. 

Some of the brands we know, however, did a phenomenal job in planning out the strategy and bringing the limelight to their business for more than a while. We are going to look at 5 campaigns that worked well and what should we learn from them. 


Absolut collaborated with @twooutsiders on Instagram and asked them to add a #goals picture to denote that while everyone is locked up in their homes, they can still have fun behind the work from home scenes. They made Drizly a part of this campaign. Drizly is a digital shop to shop alcohol from. You can get beers, wine, vodka, whisky, and what not delivered just in an hour. Now, you might find this campaign pretty normal. But what Drizly did differently was that they added a section on their website where the visitors had to put their addresses before even scrolling through the options and that was an effective way to get clicks. Take notes, will you? 


Sun Peaks Resort partnered with a macro influencer and though a lot of people do not prefer going macro, they took a leap of faith with of course a lot of smart planning. They used macro-influencers to get more attention in less time span. They just created brand awareness and did not intend to generate leads particularly. Now, with so much brand awareness, they obviously got good attention and I am sure some leads. They also created content that was informative and that told a lot about them without trying too hard. Every picture that this campaign generated had a story of its own but did not scream advertisement or “come visit us”. They played it cool and waited for the audience to be attracted on their own. 


Black swan jewels are smart when it comes to getting themselves, followers. With the help of two micro-influencers, they held a giveaway which said that to win some sort of jewelry, the followers of the influencers had to follow the black swan page and some other simple tasks like asking their friends to follow the page by tagging them in the comments. This created awareness like no one else. The participants in the giveaway were winning something and the brand had a lot of attention to itself too. This created good traffic on their page, leaving them with brand awareness that a large chunk of dollars would do. Power of strategies, you see? 


Almost 6 years ago Starbucks came up with #whitecupchallenge where they asked their customers to design their coffee cups and post the design on Instagram by tagging them putting up the hashtag white cup challenge. They promised to repost the ones they liked the best. This gave them a lot of options to post from and they even got positive publicity. This trend went so viral that people use this even today as an aesthetic. This strategy resonates with UGC that is User-Generated Content and an effective strategy to build trends for the long term. This strategy also nurtures the people who participate in it so it does not seem useless to people who are actually interested. 


Aerie is a body-positive brand that includes Nano and micro-influencers in its campaigns. They encourage these influencers to be completely themselves and post unfiltered photos of themselves in their swimsuits. This has made a very deep and positive impact on the internet and people have started following them because of their stand for body positivity. This brand resonates with the audience and that is why they find them relatable and worth “following”. This strategy helps us understand that the brand that has a stand of its own stands apart and attracts people who genuinely care about your brand. 

So, these were a few points that I noted when I saw these considerably famous campaigns. To analyze and learn from others’ success stories make our success story quite quick and easy to achieve. Our pro tip while planning out strategies for your campaign would be to consider what works and what does not work for already tried campaigns and learn from them, just like we did here. 

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